As one of the largest GP partners in South Africa, Vox Telecom, through its specialist Microsoft Consulting and Software Integration Division, is looking to engage with and educate mid-market business decision makers about CRM and ERP, especially as businesses in this segment, more proactively question the move into the cloud era.

Speaking at the inaugural Microsoft Reimagine conference Heath Huxtable, executive head: Consulting at Vox Telecom said: “Our attendance at this event sends a clear signal to the industry at large, and to customers in the mid-market, that we are no longer, just a telecommunications provider or ISP.”

The Microsoft Consulting and Software Integration division at Vox Telecom, is the result of the acquisition of Computer Initiatives, a Johannesburg-based Microsoft GP partner and Two-IT, which was Cape Town based.

Adds Huxtable: “We offer a complete Microsoft solution, built around Microsoft technologies, aimed squarely at the mid-market. We believe this puts us in a fairly unique position, as one of the only partners with not only the expertise, but also the reach and end-to-end technology capabilities that are becoming increasingly important for mid-market businesses.”

The specialist Consulting Division within Vox Telecom has prided itself on developing simple solutions that address complex problems, and are geared towards delivering greater business efficiencies, and minimising the number of suppliers required to achieve this.

“We believe that Microsoft Reimagine is just the platform we need to further demonstrate our capabilities, and understanding of both the CRM and ERP disciplines,” concludes Huxtable.