South African based ICT company, Elingo implemented CRM to assist their company in making information management more structured, focused, and strategic, says Resolve Immix.
Elingo are specialists in enterprise multimedia contact centres and enterprise IP telephony. Before implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Elingo used multiple disconnected applications to manage internal processes and customer information.

Resolve Immix – chosen Dynamics partner – noted that disparate applications led to a high likeliness of inaccuracies, ambiguity, and duplication of data. Elingo needed to reduce administrative overhead and improve operational performance by better harnessing the power of business data.

Elingo employees now can respond to support-related or project-related questions within minutes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped strengthen the company’s relationships with its customers. Individual case histories, opportunities, and other details can now be captured in customised fields and speedily accessed when required, enabling faster and more accurate decision making.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM has effectively fulfilled the role of a central hub or nerve centre for our business. It presented a dual benefit for management and staff, both of which now have more control over open cases. This has resulted in an exponential increase in productivity,” says Louise Tordiffe, customer service manager, Elingo.

Through tight integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers exceptional usability. Employees can track all case-specific e-mails in the history tab for quick referral. A custom notes tab allows the capture of free text with an automatic date and time stamp every time an employee makes an entry. Employees can also refer to historical information about prior cases to help with the resolution of new, similar cases.

Eliminating time-consuming communication between each other, employees can simply check updates on cases instead of calling or scheduling a meeting to discuss updates.

The prioritisation of cases has become significantly easier with the visibility that Microsoft Dynamics CRM affords. Workers create lists of activities in their “Workplaces”, and reminders alert team members when work is due. As a result, the company noted a dramatic improvement in workload balancing and resource management. Trends showing where case resolutions are slowing have become visible so that the company can now address them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has boosted employee morale and helped to increase team productivity. Knowledge sharing has empowered employees to help themselves and has accelerated their learning curve. Individuals are now able to perform a larger variety of tasks with greater confidence. Moreover, employees enjoy more personal satisfaction because their contributions to the success of the business are clearly visible.

In the future, Elingo will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for complete pipeline management by tracking customers, revising quotes, managing costs, and planning sales.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM has really empowered our staff to capture all their own work-related information. In turn, our customers have reaped the benefit of our staff’s elevated confidence,” says Ian Goss-Ross, MD, Elingo.