One of the greatest challenges facing businesses of all types and sizes today is the need to maximise engagement with customers and grow revenues while lowering the costs associated with delivering an outstanding customer experience, across each of the businesses communication channels.
This is where the use of customer analytics come in to enhance engagement and loyalty, says Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting – a local distributor of actionable intelligence solutions leader, Verint.

One solution, he says, is that Verint has augmented its Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions with Engagement Analytics to help transform these goals from divergent to complementary. “The product capitalises on Verint’s solutions from customer solutions provider, KANA, a Verint company. Verint’s portfolio of customer analytics solutions help businesses capture customer interactions, feedback, and their experiences across the many channels, analyse and interpret them in the context of business objectives, and thus be able to respond more effectively to customer, business, and market demands.”

Says Naidoo: “These solutions allow businesses to deliver consistent, contextual, and personalised client experiences. At the same time, the solutions offer the organisation insight to enterprise performance, client and employee engagement, as well as consumer loyalty.”

It is his belief that customer retention is usually the direct result of the quality of the customer’s experience. “The Verint solutions address these areas holistically, as well as at a more focused level. The solutions enable businesses to get the insight they need to develop enterprise strategies for building lasting customer relationships while helping keep customer churn to a minimum.”

Naidoo says the Verint tools can assist companies to grow customer relationships and identify, and mitigate, any possible customer defections proactively. At the same time, the solutions offer strong insight into each of the processes and practices that play a vital role in making sure the customer experience is the best one possible.

“Verint’s product suite offers insight that goes well beyond the contact centre and extends into other areas of the business that have a role to play in customer satisfaction and the client’s over all experience. This includes marketing, branch operations, customer care, as well as all the back office elements.”

Some of the Verint solutions offered by Logikal Consulting include Verint Service Recovery for lowering customer churn by identifying a list of “at risk” customer interactions for intervention and focusing agent coaching efforts on how best to address attrition risks. In addition, Verint Desktop and Process Analytics – for gaining insight into processes and employee desktop activities that may enhance or detract from the overall customer experience, and Verint Speech Analytics for mining recorded calls and surfacing customer praise, concerns, and dissatisfaction. Finally, Verint Text Analytics for analysing customer comments and sentiments expressed in text-based interactions, including social media, email, and online reviews.