has issued an invitation to the President of the United States of America to stay at the best hotel in Kenya.
This invitation was sent as a way of fostering Kenya-US relations as well as to boost entrepreneurship as the President is scheduled to attend the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit next July in Nairobi.

In the spirit of entrepreneurship, utilising an energetic and growing African start-up company like Jovago to find the perfect hotel would send a fantastic message of confidence to the continent as well as the growing start-up community.

As an African start-up, aims to encourage the uptake and use of internet services and successfully demonstrates the efficiency and convenience of them. For our part, we have awoken Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit within the hospitality sector by bringing small and remote hotels online and by making them easily accessible.

The entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow across the continent, and we grow with it, with offices located in entrepreneurial hubs like Nairobi, Lagos and Dakar.

Indeed internet and entrepreneurship are changing the face of Africa on an international level and Jovago is proud to be part of this transformation. The team is presently awaiting a favorable response from the President of the United States of America.

“Jovago’s top locations would also be a great opportunity to showcase the beauty of Kenya and its wonderful people,” says Paul Midy, CEO of Jovago, while noting the satisfaction and pride derived from being based in Africa.

It would be of utmost pleasure to show the beauties and dynamism of the continent, and Kenya which is the Obama’s father’s birthplace.