MTN has reaffirmed that it will not budge on the offer it has tabled to striking employees and has once again pledged to bring the disrupted operations into full operational mode and safeguard the lives of non-striking employees while protecting its infrastructure and facilities.

The company has issued a statement, saying that its core operations are running optimally, with the only areas affecting being the distribution and service centres. The 808 call centre is back online, although not yet fully operational.
MTN has undertaken to bring these operations into full operational mode by the end of the week.

Regarding employees who burn tyres on MTN premises, intimidate non-striking employees and barricade the main exits, human resource executive at MTN SA Themba Nyathi comments: “This unruly conduct is in violation of the picketing agreement that MTN signed with the Communications Workers Union (CWU). MTN will be taking stern measures to safeguard its employees and protect its right to conduct business and offer services to its customers in line with its license obligations.”

MTN has deployed extra security personnel as a precautionary measure to safeguard non-striking employees and protect its infrastructure and facilities.

“MTN will take disciplinary steps and lay criminal charges against employees who are implicated in acts of criminality. Resorting to acts of violence and intimidation is not in the spirit of negotiations and violates the laws of the land,” says Nyathi.