Driven by changes in user behaviour and a strong desire to increase member satisfaction, health insurers are going with what works – a little bit of everything.
The percentage of organisations distributing most or all of their communications via multiple media channels is set to more than triple – from 3% to 15% – over the next two years.

New survey results from International Data Corporation (IDC) show that at the same time the percentage of health insurers who distribute most or all of their member messaging in print is set to increase from 34% to more than 55%.

“This is a fascinating finding and, frankly, highlights the need to understand specific industry trends,” says Terry Frazier, research director for IDC’s Smart Customer Engagement and Document Solutions research. “Most broad-based surveys show print usage remaining static or declining, but that isn’t always the case. Just as important is the fact that digital channel usage is growing significantly at the same time.”

Results come from IDC’s detailed survey of 100 healthcare payers and 200 healthcare providers on issues regarding customer engagement and customer experience related to business communications. The survey covered marketing and customer engagement; management structure and customer communication management (CCM) maturity; business drivers; success factors and challenges; operations and outsourcing; and IT issues.

The increased availability of omni-channel capabilities will continue to drive customer engagement and customer communication management technology decisions.