Graphic Image Technologies, local distributor of TVU Networks solutions in South Africa, has announced TVU One, the fifth generation live mobile IP news-gathering transmitter.
TVU One represents a significant leap forward in mobile newsgathering, delivering the same industry-leading transmission resiliency and performance, video picture quality and sub-second latency of a full-size backpack transmitter, but in a more than 90% smaller and ultra-lightweight form factor. With TVU One, broadcasters can fully leverage the versatility that a small, lightweight IP video transmitter brings in the field without sacrificing performance, feature functionality or picture quality.

“As mobile IP newsgathering has become the norm, broadcasters demand that transmission equipment becomes smaller and lighter without sacrificing performance or video quality. TVU One meets those demands and delivers a small, powerful solution that extends a broadcasters’ ability to capture and deliver live shots from more locations than ever before while maintaining the same powerful performance and rich feature set that has made TVUPack the industry standard for IP transmission from the field. With TVU One, the television broadcast industry no longer has to sacrifice performance for size,” says Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.

“The TVU One solution is ideal for news-gatherers requiring to take footage on the move with minimal equipment hampering their movements. TVU One allows broadcasters to immediately capture footage and stream directly to the newsroom for airing with only a backpack on hand. Furthermore, this allows these broadcasters to ‘get in and get out’ quickly should situations be difficult or dangerous,” says Mark Chertkow, MD at Graphic Image Technologies.
TVU One incorporates a number of industry-leading features in its all-in-one compact design, including:

* Most powerful small form factor IP video transmitter available – TVUPack has long been the industry benchmark in transmission resiliency, low latency performance and picture quality, and TVU One continues as the standard bearer for cellular ENG transmitters.
Even with a 90% reduction in physical size, TVU made no compromises in the performance and capabilities of TVU One, which has the same powerful technologies found in the normal sized TVUPack, including TVU’s patented IS+ (Inverse Statmux+) transmission protocol, Smart VBR technology and the TVU.264 video codec. TVU One is able to deliver full High Definition (HD) video with sub-second latency.
* Smaller and lighter – weighing a mere 0.77 kilograms, the TVU One transmitter fits easily in the average person’s hand (16.43cm high x 12.06cm wide x 6.60cm deep). TVU One will come in backpack and belt-mount configurations for ease-of-use in the field. The unit is an all-in-one solution that includes an embedded battery as well as embedded LTE modems, Wi-Fi, and hotspot. Additionally, any Wi-Fi ready wireless camera can connect wirelessly to TVU One for untethered HD quality live transmission.

* Plug and play compatibility with multiple IP connections – TVU One is the most versatile IP newsgathering transmitter available, and comes standard with up to six embedded LTE modems. The solution can transmit simultaneously over up to ten connections, including cellular, Microwave, MIMO Microwave Mesh, Ka-band and Ku-band satellite, BGAN, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Connections can be added or dropped without interrupting transmission.

* Internal battery and low power consumption – TVU One comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery that delivers 80 minutes of use. TVU One is also compatible with external BP-U, gold mount and v-mount batteries to extend battery life. TVU One also delivers ultra-low power consumption, and is as much as 70% more efficient than previous TVU transmitters.
* Powerful realtime store and forward – TVU One has dual encoders to enable simultaneous live streaming and recording, and can record up to 14 hours of full HD footage. Additionally, TVU has introduced its new Real-Time HD File Transfer functionality that ensures TVU One delivers a HD quality error-free video clip to the studio in real-time without needing to wait until the clip is fully recorded on the transmitter. This ensures that high quality video production clips can be sent to the studio for editing in as little time possible.

* Simple worry-free operation – TVU pioneered the one button operation in a portable newsgathering backpack, and TVU One carries on that tradition. The system requires no in-field configuration, and boots up in less than 20 seconds with just the push of a button.

* Touch screen controls – in addition to its remote control functionality, TVU One introduces simple, easy-to-use 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen controls that provide video preview, system status and fine grained control over each transmission.