As security in hotels and residential developments across African countries such as Kenya, Tunisia, Nigeria and Morocco becomes increasingly vital, developers that traditionally bought resources and technology from Europe are looking to source their needs closer to home.
This emerged at a recent Hotelier Summit held in Morocco that was attended by Woody Moodley of Uniclox Technologies, a leader in the resource management sector that is moving into Africa in the hospitality, building management and security sector.

“In particular we are offering the hospitality industry tailor-made solutions such as access control through card systems that can determine the length of a guest’s stay, strict staff control into places where money is stored, as well as parking management systems with RFID which is able to operate a gate from as much as two meters away,” Moodley.

The African hospitality industry is a massively expanding one. Last year the summit’s organisers, Hotelier Summit Africa estimated 134 new hotels were being built in Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Kenya.

The summit gave Uniclox an opportunity to present their solutions to hotel procurement personnel and hotel developers in northern and eastern Africa.

“These buyers were excited at the chance to work with a supplier from Africa that could give them a complete turnkey solution,”, Moodley says.

Uniclox also offers the ability for a hotel guest to be able to pay upfront for accommodation while a custom-made fingerprint solution is offered to Casinos, which is ideal for the management of Casino staff which helps make operations more secure.

Moodley says the hotel summit provided the ideal opportunity for Uniclox to expand its footprint into Africa.

“We recent signed two new strategic partnership agreements which are enabling us to expand our business across Africa in the hospitality industry. The first partnership signed was with Softcon, a respected South African company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of access control products. More recently we formed a partnership with French Company Bodet Software which is globally a leader in the time and attendance market”, he said.

“Being able to present a complete turnkey solution that not only includes time, attendance and access control, but also complete building and asset management is a huge advantage, and we are excited at our prospects. Bodet’s solutions have long been successfully utilised in the health, logistics and leisure sectors. The company has more than 30,000 customers which include giants in the hospitality industry such as Novotel, Hilton and Sheraton hotels”, Moodley says.

GM of Uniclox, Rodney Sanders says that the company is now geared up to service both the African and South African markets.

“About 11 new hotels are being built in South Africa alone, and in general the hospitality industry which also has a growing restaurant trade, is paying particular attention to the security of their guests and to protecting their bottom line,” he says.