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Bruce Morgan, CEO of GreatSoft CRM, has been named as the overall winner of the inaugural FNB Business Innovation Award 2015.
As the recipient of the Award, Bruce will have an opportunity to gain valuable business insights from world renowned business leaders at Endeavor’s prestigious International Selection Panel (ISP) in San Francisco later this year.

“The FNB Business Innovation Award is a fantastic achievement for us. It validates the work that our team continues to do on a daily basis. Five years ago we reviewed the course of our business and it is great to see our efforts paying off. We are thrilled with this accolade and look forward to the opportunities ahead,” says Bruce Morgan, CEO of GreatSoft CRM.

GreatSoft CRM develops and implements cloud-based tech solutions for accounting businesses. Based on its subscription revenue business model, they provide an integrated product for small and large multi-million accounting firms. They currently work with industry leading business in and outside South Africa.

“We are delighted to congratulate Bruce for winning the FNB Business Innovation Award in recognition of the innovative excellence at GreatSoft CRM. The company’s unique business model enables it to scale rapidly and sustainably, with great potential to enter new markets,” says Michael Vacy-Lyle, CEO of FNB Business.

The winner of the FNB Business Innovation Award was selected from a highly competitive group of entrepreneurs who were shortlisted after rounds of interviews with South Africa’s leading business personalities. The judging criteria focused on a number of factors, including: economic and high value job-creation potential, industry-leading innovation, the quality of governance as well as the social and environmental impact. All the finalists were awarded certificates for making it to the last round.

Catherine Townshend, MD Endeavor South Africa, believes that the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with global business leaders could unearth new possibilities for GreatSoft CRM.

“The ISP is an incredible platform for entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to scale. The intense level of engagement at ISP provides invaluable insights from some of the world’s best business minds, affording entrepreneurs a chance to build a network which could shape future success. We congratulate Bruce and equally applaud all the entrepreneurs who took part in this exciting initiative,” she says.

FNB as recognised SPARK Schools for its work in providing affordable and innovative quality education. Headed by Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison, SPARK Schools has a blended learning model which combines technology and individualised methods to accelerate learning. The two entrepreneurs will receive guidance from the FNB Business Executive Committee with the intent to explore funding possibilities which could help to sustainably grow their business.