The days where network security was about antivirus and firewalls have long gone. Businesses today need to protect their networks from unauthorised access, copying and exfiltration of data. They also need to protect themselves from one of the biggest threats out there, a threat that could be sitting just down the hall – their own staff members.
“Abuse of corporate network resources is rife. As is general laziness and lack of concern about the protection of sensitive corporate information,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution. He says this is particularly true in light of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) which imposes stringent regulations on how data should be stored and protected, and also promises dire consequences for companies who are not compliant with the Act.

With POPI in mind, Phoenix Distribution has won the rights to distribute IP-guard. Campbell-Young says IP-guard helps businesses gain visibility into insider threats by offering a total network management solution that provides system management, information security, productivity enhancement and asset management all in one.

He explains that this integrated solution greatly assists in preventing data leakage. “In addition, it standardises computer usage across the business, boosts productivity, effectively allocates system resources and ensure their optimised usage, manages technology assets and lowers maintenance costs.”

For management, IP-guard offers higher productivity, enhanced security and asset management.
“Phoenix currently covers software publishing, localisation and product distribution across multiple territories in Africa, in multiple languages,” he adds. “This distribution deal will grow IP-guard’s presence in South Africa and in Africa too. Phoenix has offices and warehouses strategically dotted around the continent, and is perfectly placed to grow the IP-guard brand.”

Campbell-Young says today’s businesses realise that their information is their biggest asset, and most important competitive differentiator. “With regulations such as POPI insisting that customers’ data is totally secure, businesses are looking for solutions that offer total data protection, without sacrificing performance. This is where IP-guard comes in.”

“We are thrilled to be including IP-guard to Phoenix’s best-in-class range of security solutions,” concludes Campbell-Young. “IP-guard helps businesses to protect their most valuable data, manage their employees’ Internet use, and simplifies IT systems management. It allows companies to avoid enormously expensive data leaks, and helps them stay compliant with data security regulations.”