Digital transformation is impacting all businesses, functions and processes. The “people dimension” of digital transformation is reflected in WorkSource transformation, and it too will impact every enterprise, small or large, in traditional industries or untried business models.

The IDC MaturityScape: WorkSouce Digital Transformation (DX) provides a view of the breadth of business issues that challenge leaders who hope to transform how their enterprise acquires, manages, and leverages talent in the era of the 3rd Platform.

According to the new report, WorkSource DX is the evolution of the way that businesses achieve objectives by effective sourcing, deployment, and integration of internal and external resources, including contract, freelance, and partner assets. Transformation and optimisation are improved by adopting strategies that leverage digital interactions, connections, relationships and tools.

WorkSource transformation optimises the productivity and flexibility of the internal and external contributors to organisational value; identifies the right people resources to achieve business objectives; drives business outcomes by creating a modular, agile structure; facilitates relationships and maximises the productivity of interactions; and facilitates the attitudes and beliefs that affect and reflect a more continuously connected, and entrepreneurial, workplace society.

The new framework outlines five stages of maturity: ad hoc; opportunistic; repeatable; managed; and optimised.

The report help business and technology executives identify areas in need of improvement in support of WorkSource transformation in four key areas or disciplines: manage talent; source talent; optimise work; and facilitate a digital transformation mindset.

Each dimension is targeted at a key aspect of WorkSource transformation mastery and can be assessed independently as a measure of the relative maturity of a specific aspect of business functionality and performance. Each dimension also falls naturally into the domain of certain business leaders, including CEOs, CHROs, COOs, and line-of-business (LOB) management, but WorkSource transformation, like digital transformation, is a “team sport” that requires collaboration across all business domains.

Cushing Anderson, IDC’s vice-president for Business Consulting Services research, comments: “WorkSource transformation is about flexibly and reliably accessing, connecting, and leveraging skilled human resources (HR).
Business leaders must master not only the disciplines, but also the alchemy of combining and managing their talent management and recruiting interactions to create digital gold. Organisations that can master the orchestration of improving each WorkSource dimension will thrive; those that don’t will struggle.”