With degree “six” in the Blue Wool Scale, the Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. has acknowledged the Simitri HD E toner from Konica Minolta has a “very good” light fastness. For testing light fastness, Fogra uses the Blue Wool Standards degrees one to eight. This comes on the back of a renewal of the toner’s certification for food safety by TÜV Rhineland, as well as for de-inkability by INGEDE.

“Depending on whether a print product is exposed to daylight or artificial light, different requirements are needed to avoid significant colour changes through light exposition. Light fastness is an important quality criterion for graphic communication providers and in-house print rooms as this ensures that print products do not lose their quality by whitening,” explains Leon Minnie, product manager: production systems at Konica Minolta South Africa.

“With the ‘very good’ Fogra test results, customers can rely longer on their product’s light fastness when printing on a Konica Minolta production printing system.”

Furthermore, the renewed certification of a good deinkability by INGEDE ensures that professionals who already use one of the current production printing systems, or are planning on investing one, can be sure that they are not printing at the expense of the environment. The deinkability scorecard, promotes the eco-design of printed products, which ensures their recyclability and also promotes a sustainable production processes.

The scheme is designed to allow printers, publishers and other members of the paper value chain to identify which types of printed paper products have the best recyclability when they are deinked. Five parameters – luminosity, colour, cleanliness, ink elimination and filtrate darkening – are considered in a widely accepted standardised test, INGEDE Method 11.

The re-approved food safety certification by TÜV Rhineland gives new opportunities for those looking to enter new markets, like package printing.

The TÜV Rhineland AG and INGEDE e.V., both with their headquarters in Germany. The Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. sets up ISO norm standards which are adopted worldwide.

Based on the results of all three reports, Konica Minolta offers graphic communication providers and in-house print rooms the most flexible production printing systems. “With the new Simitri HD E toner we have developed our highest quality toner yet. This is further underlined by the three independent reports. We are proud to offer our customers superior products and the fantastic opportunities that comes with them,” concludes Minnie.