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Actionable intelligence is benefiting organisations of all types and sizes, and nowhere is this more true than in the transportation industry.

“It is helping achieve greater efficiencies by optimising the allocation of resources deployed in transportation networks across the globe and improving the quality of service delivered to travellers,” say Gerald Naidoo of Logikal Consulting.

“One of the greatest challenges the transport industry faces is the enormous amount of big data that is being gathered on an hourly basis, but not being properly harnessed for actionable insights.”

He says Verint’s Actionable Intelligence solutions offer big data tools that can delve into transportation-specific data science processes. “Add to that Verint’s predictive analytics tools and techniques that offer clear data visualisations to help executives make the best decisions, as they will fully understand what factors and issues are driving efficiencies.”

Naidoo says the reason the transportation industry collects so much data is due to the myriad transport systems, all featuring on-board sensors and data collection points. “Add to this data collection points introduced by passenger counting systems, ticketing and fare collection systems, vehicle location systems, as well as scheduling and asset management systems. Imagine the undreamed of potential for insights into planning and managing transportation neworks? It is endless,” says Naidoo.

To address the transport industry’s Actionable Intelligence requirements, Verint’s advanced Actionable Intelligence platform is used to efficiently develop innovative, highly-scalable, enterprise-class analytical solutions for the markets they serve. There are four components to the Verint solution.

Firstly, data capture. Verint’s Actionable Intelligence platform enables the capture of a wide range of data, including both structured and unstructured data such as operational, transactional, network, and web data. It is designed to support big data applications which depend on the ability to capture, store, and manage very large data sets from multiple data sources.

Next comes Data Processing. The company’s Actionable Intelligence platform facilitates the process of taking structured and unstructured data from multiples sources and cleanses, fuses, and prepares the data for analysis. This data processing stage is particularly important in applications that require data capture and fusion from multiple sources, different systems, and numerous environments.

Following this, Data Analysis, in which the platform enables the use of a wide range of analytical engines for data analytics, including classification, correlation, anomaly detection, identity extraction, behavioural analysis, and predictive analytics. Big data analysis is a crucial step in identifying critical insights that otherwise might not be intuitive.

Finally, Data Visualisation. The platform facilitates the presentation of crucial insights from the data to decision makers and the provision of workflow, collaboration, and case management capabilities so they can act appropriately. The platform supports many use cases, and the type of data visualisation used for delivering actionable insights to users can be optimised based on the specific user environment.

In the future, Naidoo says tools and components will help influence behavioural change among travellers and directly influence travel choices, as the transport industry will be able to better target their customers. Transportation networks will be able to improve processes and apply advanced analytics to help evolve existing transportation networks and the way they operate, in order to move more people faster, more conveniently and at a far lower cost.