Today’s organisation are always on the lookout for solutions and technologies to make their businesses as competitive as possible, and in today’s IT dominated market, a fast and efficient network is crucial for businesses of all types and sizes to remain competitive and viable.

Unfortunately, many companies have extremely limited resources and a real shortage of the right ICT skills. “This is where remote monitoring solutions come in,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution. “These solutions lower efforts and cost outlays, reduce network down time, and do the job needed.”

According to him, any disruptions in technology can impact negatively on the business, and this has never been truer than for the SME. “SMEs to not have the resources to have large technical departments, and 24/7 help desks to sort our issues as they arise. This can be detrimental to productivity. However, with remote monitoring, these business and their enterprise counterparts can quickly and efficiently resound to a multitude of problems across disparate sites. Essentially, remote monitoring enables organisations to thrive and remain competitive in today’s tough, global marketplace.”

One such solution, AVG Managed Workplace, has comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities that gives organisations a centralised view of their total IT environment. “This would include computers, mobile devices, cloud services, telecom equipment, printers, applications, security systems, and suchlike.”

From that point, Campbell-Young says a vendor-agnostic platform enables businesses to manage and service them as they need to. “Businesses can then use their applications of choice, with dozens of pre-defined policy modules and reports for hundreds of technologies, along with configurable support for thousands more.”

He says the more connected the world becomes, the more focus is placed on securing, monitoring and managing all electronic devices in your company, simply and effectively so that the business can concentrate on its core role.

“AVG Managed Workplace is designed do exactly that. It’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) feature, provides visibility into the technologies impacting the end user experience — along with the ability to manage them centrally from a single pane of glass. Its Network Operations Center and Help Desk Services provide 24×7 managed services and technical support for your business in addition to problem management and remediation,” adds Campbell-Young.

It also offers Mobile Device Management (MDM), which equips businesses with the tools to implement their mobile strategy and manage the mobile experience for end users.

Best of all, says Campbell-Young, AVG Managed Workforce boasts an open architecture, and is committed to broad vendor support with a vendor-agnostic, open ecosystem. “This approach is designed with continuity and flexibility in mind, so that companies can use their existing solutions, and manage them all from a central dashboard.”