Metrofile Records Management, a group company of JSE-listed Metrofile Holdings Limited, has officially opened its rebuilt KwaZulu-Natal-based warehouse, which was destroyed by a fire in October 2013.

The warehouse is 2 500m2 in size with a height of 15m, equating to a capacity of 400 000 boxes.

According to Guy Kimble, MD of Metrofile Records Managements, the fire and safety aspects of the warehouse have been completely redesigned. “We employed globally renowned risk management consultants to assist us in obtaining the leading international fire protection methodologies, as we felt those prescribed to us locally were not sufficient for our unique records and information storage needs.”

He adds that the warehouse now has an in-rack sprinkler system that operates under dry pressurized conditions until the hypersensitive aspirating fire detection system is activated. “Once the detection system is activated, a network of feed pipes are flooded with water and primed for activation by means of the array of high flow sprinkler heads.

“Our racking structures have been completely redesigned to accommodate the unique fire systems as well as providing additional safety measures that surpass the standard requirements.”

In addition, Metrofile has made extensive upgrades to the control of access and exit points for all of its storage sites across the country, he says. “This is managed and controlled by a biometric personal identification solution at each control point and all movements are under the watchful eye of the nationally monitored CCTV system to ensure that only authorised persons gain access to any of the Metrofile sites.”

He says that no employees lost their jobs as a result of the rebuild and this facility now employs 147 employees in the region, 95 of which are permanent staff members.