The multinational consulting and technology firm Indra has appointed Jaresh Maharaj, expert in Information Technology operations, as new CEO of Indra Technology South Africa.
Maharaj will focus his efforts in consolidating the company as a referent for innovation in the country, developing proprietary services and solutions across the different sectors in which the company operates and that are key for the economy.

Indra has a wide range of services and solutions for the sectors of Air Traffic Management (ATM), Infrastructures, Defense and Security, Public Administrations, Healthcare, Energy and Smart Grid, as well as a wide experience in implementing SAP solutions.

South Africa is a key country for Indra. The company is currently in the process of consolidating its presence in emerging regions, such as the African continent or Asia. South Africa is a referent in southern Africa, and offers important business opportunities with ambitious plans for modernisation of infrastructures and other markets in which Indra operates and offers state-of-the-art solutions.

Indra advocates in South Africa for boosting a firm commitment and implication with its clients and for consolidating a wide array of high added-value technological solutions and services, the pillars of its business, axis of its corporate sustainability and key for differentiating its offer.

“One of the main challenges of this stage is to continue expanding Indra’s presence in sectors that are relevant to the corporate and economic activities of South Africa, contributing innovation and adapting its solutions and services to the South African market”, affirms Jaresh Maharaj.

Indra has been present in Africa since 1995, with offices in South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia and Zimbabwe, and develops projects in over a dozen of this continent’s countries.

Amongst its leading and most recent projects is the implementation of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and toll systems for a stretch of 380km of the West-East Algerian highway, for L’Algerienne de Gestion des Autoroutes (AGA), the organisation in charge of managing, operating, maintaining and servicing the Algerian national highway network and its ancillary areas. This country has also modernised its tax management processes by implementing a tax management system in SAP for the General Tax Department of this country of the Maghreb, to centralise and integrate the tax administration and fight against fraud.

Furthermore, the company has completed the modernisation of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya; implemented ARACS Revenue Accounting solutions for Arik Air, the largest and fastest growing airline of Nigeria; and counts with air traffic and satellite communication projects in Morocco. In the last country, together with Adif, Indra implemented its pioneering Da Vinci rail traffic management solution for the Moroccan railway.

In the energy sector, the company has implemented for Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) the technical and commercial business process support systems for energy distribution countrywide, and signed a contract with Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the country’s largest energy distribution company, for implementing in CMS, Indra’s proprietary system for integrated customer management by energy companies. Also worth mentioning in this market is the modernisation of the commercial area of Gecol, the electricity company of Libya.