Ricoh’s PJ WX4141NI is an ultra-short throw projector that’s interactive but, compared with most competitor models, is also portable and comes with a soft carrying case so you can sling it over your shoulder.
Its other primary benefit is that it can interact with Ricoh’s whiteboards and other interactive projectors on the same network.

“The PJ WX4141NI does everything that the whiteboards do,” says Esti Kilian, national head of Marketing Services at Ricoh SA, “like connecting to whiteboards, projectors and even 10 iPads simultaneously. We’ve seen a lot of interest in this device from the education sector in South Africa because it offers so much functionality at a highly competitive price.”

In the corporate environment, she explains, the interactive ultra short throw offers mobile collaboration, giving employees the ability to interact on documents and other types of files wherever they need it, since it is not fixed like many competitor models. It works in tune with other devices so employees can connect with iPads, laptops, desktops, whiteboards, other projectors – whatever device is most convenient for them.

It offers the same benefits of the other projectors, such as the bright 3 300 lumens lamp that is practical in classroom or corporate ambient lighting conditions. It presents great 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution and powerful contrast so images are crisp, clear and still easily viewed at longer distances. It also offers standard, narration, and music modes for better audio performance depending on use. The ultra short throw distance also means it can be used in smaller spaces and also means that presenters cast fewer distracting and obstructing shadows.

“Another great benefit is that you can project images from your smartphone or tablet if you want without connecting the projector to a laptop or PC,” says Kilian.

Other features include:

* The projection system will search for available networks automatically, so you can connect to any Macintosh or Windows computer and be running in moments.
* Skip the PC altogether: Save files to a USB memory drive and take the presentation with you.
* Use the HDMI port to play movies from DVD and Blue-ray players — even those shot in 3D format.
* Ricoh’s Web Image Monitor and embedded utility software let you configure settings and control functions remotely.
* With Ricoh PJ Interactive Software, presenters can share screens remotely, add notes directly to presentations and tailor every presentation, even when presenting to multiple audiences in multiple locations.
* Presenters can manually adjust the colors of projected images in relation to the background color on the wall, whiteboard or blackboard.