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South African resellers can now extend their cloud-centric remote monitoring and management for customers, by adding AVG Business Managed Workplace from AVG Technologies, the online security company, to its solutions stack. This follows the announcement by Tarsus Cloud On Demand, part of the Tarsus Technology Group, that the company is now an official distributor of the full AVG Business Managed Workplace offering.

The local cloud platform and products distributor has been growing exponentially over the last 12 months, and in this time has added myriad solution offerings to its base, all of which are geared to provide customers a qualified and secure means to enter the cloud. With the new partnership with AVG Technologies, the company is now able to further extend this net, by providing customers access to AVG’s fully integrated, open ecosystem remote monitoring and management (RMM) security platform.

“Through this partnership, our partners will now be able to ensure that they have full control of their customer’s environments while they are working and transacting in the cloud or on premise,” states Jonathan Kropf, CEO Tarsus Cloud On Demand. “We are delighted that AVG Technologies selected us as a preferred partner for its AVG Business Managed Workplace, as we believe it is one of the most compelling RMM solutions for managed service providers.”

The cloud, mobility and the drive by end users within corporate business to make their individual experience the same as their “business” one, is driving the notion of “business without walls” – which is why the nature in which one manages this new business environment has to change. The AVG Business Managed Workplace, which recently received an extensive facelift in order to stay ahead of the demands of this more mobile, consumer friendly, cloud-based environment businesses find themselves in, allows Cloud On Demand’s partners to better deploy and administer remote IT management services to their business customers.

AVG Business Managed Workplace is able to scale depending on the size and needs of the customer, and is designed for IT Providers, Managed Service Providers, as well as small and medium sized business customers. With its recent update, it now also features Secure Sign-On and Backup and Disaster Recovery extensions, as well as seamless Microsoft Hyper V and VMware integration, both of whom are already within the Cloud On Demand technology matrix.

Importantly the AVG Business Managed Workplace purports to assist with: faster, easier navigation and monitoring; simple security deployment for cloud and mobile applications; Secure Sign-On; ready available BDR services integration; industry-leading Premium Network Operations Center (NOC) services; and richer connectivity experience with leading industry applications.