Huawei has launched its Digital inCloud Eastern and Southern Africa regional centre, and announced that two South African service providers have already signed up to offer their apps to a global audience.

GlobeTom will list its billing products, while GM Gaming will offer its gaming apps on the Huawei platform.

According to Mac Taylor, chief business consultant for Huawei’s digital services product line, the new Digital InCloud platform allows Huawei to aggregate partner content, videos, games and apps from service providers around the world, and then share them with operators in various geographies.

The service has two elements: it is available as a hosting platform in the business to consumer space; and also has a business to business space where enterprise and SME customers can access business services sourced from around the world.

“The Internet is everywhere and has become a global phenomenon,” Taylor says. “But operators typically focus on local content and services.”

The Digital InCloud platform will allow operators to offer services from around the world; and also give local service providers the opportunity to list their services for consumption by a global audience, Taylor says.

Through the InTouch partner programme, local service providers can sign up as a supplier to the service.

“Huawei Digital in Cloud solution will facilitate: ease of distribution and trade between consumer, carriers, and partners of digital products/services. This facilitation will be achieved through improved content aggregation, better management of local and global digital content,” says Felix Tang, director of Huawei Eastern & Southern Region Carrier Software Department.

“Huawei brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to build and operate the local digital eco-system, and help operators and partners generate revenue securely and in a transparent manner. Huawei, through Global partner agreements brings the best channels to distribute local digital content globally,” Tang adds.

Globally, Huawei Digital inCloud has aggregated more than 2 000 partners with over 200 000 pieces of digital content, and has served over 140-million carrier users.