Leading South African ICT consultancy and systems development specialist Ukuvuma Solutions has met stringent criteria to be identified as a Microsoft Office365 Deployment Partner, placing it at the forefront of local software migration and implementation. As a recognised specialist, Microsoft endorses Ukuvuma’s expertise in helping businesses transform their environments.

Emerging markets are increasingly relying on reliable, cost effective solutions to help them become agile and move to digitised environments.

Ukuvuma Solutions has the backing of Microsoft to not only sell Office365, but also assist companies in deploying this globally renowned platform and tailoring it to suite business requirements.

Achieving this accreditation requires dedication, commitment and a passion for the evolution of game-changing technology.

“There is a minimum seats requirement,” says Hein van den Heever, Technical Manager at Ukuvuma Solutions. “This means that any potential partner has to have sold and successfully deployed a certain number of seats within the past year.”

“There are also sales and pre-sales assessments which needs to completed and most importantly two technical exams for qualified technicians,” he adds.

Ukuvuma Solutions has deployed roughly over 3000 seats to date making it one of the most experienced partners in South Africa.

“This experience means as a company we understand what it takes for a successful deployment and understand the types of challenges companies might be faced with in the process,” van den Heever explains.

Office365 migrations were primarily mail migrations in the past. As a partner Ukuvuma continues to witness more companies adopting SharePoint Online and including the migration of files from onsite file servers to this platform as part of the deployment process.

“This will continue to dominate the landscape going forward,” the company attests.