There is a Microsoft telephone fraud scam currently doing the rounds, with perpetrators trying to dupe companies or individuals into allowing remote control of their computers in order to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

This is according to Christopher Riley, CEO of The Notebook Company, who says that many users have reported receiving phone calls from fraudulent companies masquerading as Microsoft.

The usual method is for the fraudster to state there is a problem with a PC, or PCs, and that they need to sort out the technical glitch.

“Users often get duped into believing the caller and subsequently allow the caller remote access to their system. Key logging or similar software is then installed on a user’s system – unbeknown to the user,” says Riley.

“Perpetrators then monitor the person doing their day to day work – including banking activities,” he adds.

“There are also cases of these cyber-crooks transferring people’s money, or changing people’s banking details in e-mails so that people pay money into the perpetrator’s accounts inadvertently.”

Riley says the depth of the scam is still “undetermined” at this stage.