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The threat to a company’s data continues to escalate globally, and, according to IT security experts, the only proven way to effectively protect this critical resource is to apply the most advanced data protection software available – and introduce tried and trusted methodologies from the most secure agencies and organisations.

Danie Marais, GM of software development at Attix5, a leading global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, believes there is a great deal to be learnt from the way these institutions manage digital data.

And management for these organisations means effectively dealing with the volume of digital data being generated, the impact this has on businesses and resources, as well as strategically applying the role of cloud platforms to help.

“What we can learn from the worlds most advanced Intelligence Agencies however, is that by choosing the right cloud platforms with the correct implementation strategies behind them, the full benefits that cloud platforms have to offer can be experienced without compromising on cloud security,” says Marais.

Things looking up for platforms

Established service providers have confirmed that cloud platforms have increased in popularity in recent years because of the need to support the digitisation process.

However, as Marais suggests, there is still a certain level of scepticism when it comes to the issue of cloud security and storing sensitive data on a cloud platform.

The advice from experienced service providers like Attix5 is for organisations to establish a clear understanding of which data is important. “Intelligence agencies like the NSA have benefited from the accessibility and flexibility of utilising cloud technologies without compromising on cloud security by building their own private cloud to store, analyse and access vital information,” Marais adds.

Cloud technology has evolved to the extent that there are platforms with the necessary level of security features to maximise security, Attix5 continues.

So while cloud technology and platforms are now sought after, the advice from the specialist services provider is to thoroughly review and understand any potential technology. It is important that users are entirely confident that the prospective platform can be trusted entirely.

“It must be clear that your data faces many threats, and ensuring its safety at all costs requires data protection software that is robust enough to cover major threats such as security breaches and total data loss, as well as accidental data loss from your employees or data corruption,” says Marais.