It has been described as one of the world’s most stressful jobs and for good reason. Characterised by constant daily pressure, absenteeism and high staff turnover, the call centre environment is one of the first ports of call for skilled wellness experts from corporate massage and wellness service specialists, Hands on Treatment.

Hands on Treatment has pioneered mobile corporate massages in South Africa since 2002 and has grown from a modest Johannesburg-focused wellness and massage services company to a progressive national wellness services venture.

The company provides seated neck and shoulder massage services to the corporate sector specialising in teams working together in call centres, open plan areas and also events and exhibitions. Corporate massages are delivered at the workstation without disrupting the office environment.

Hands on Treatment has been a Proudly South African member since 2003 and in 2007 received the Proudly South African best SMME Service award. The company has scored highly on the QSE Scorecard and is categorised as a Level 1 Contributor to Broad Based BEE, meaning that their clients can claim 135% of their spend via their own scorecard.

Leadership at Hands on Treatment is aware that at the mid-point of the year, call centre staff are particularly susceptible to burn-out and prolonged exposure to targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) stresses. “This means that employees are in dire need of massages that can immediately help them relax, breathe and refocus… this is definitely an investment by any company because, as we all know, boost the mood and energy of an employee and you get a productive employee,” says Martina Laurie, a qualified chartered accountant and the CEO of Hands on Treatment.

Laurie adds that the perception of the call centre as ‘just another area of business’ exacerbates the problem, with many businesses failing to realise the importance of call centre staff and the meaningful role they play in any sized operation. “This makes matters worse … in addition to the already stressful working environment, call centre staff often feel unappreciated, under-valued and overworked. This simply adds to the frustration and pressure,” says Laurie.

With its level of experience and expertise, Laurie and her staff are that confident of their ability to make a difference within the call centre environment, they are offering a money-back guarantee.

“We can and will boost the mood and energy of your employees in the call centre environment,” Laurie continues. “We provide an immediate solution through corporate massages and have the knowledge and resources to advise employers on how to keep staff motivated, focused and happy. For big business, this is an invaluable solution that guarantees a return on investment. The business case for investment is clear and makes complete sense.”