For business, getting customers through the door is crucial to success. Perhaps even more important is keeping them coming back. This is where delivering excellent customer services comes in. Fantastic customer service makes your customers believe that you are interested in developing long-term relationships with them, not just making a sale.

Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Logikal Consulting, says KANA customer service software by Verint, supports the specific needs of customer service agents and their customers in large and medium enterprises. “Kana solutions help create positive customer experiences for businesses of all types. The agent desktop for example, provides agents with unified access to the applications and information they need to respond effectively to customers across different channels. The software is a combination of knowledge management, case management and process management, but all accessible from a single platform, helping agents provide differentiated and personalised customer service.”

Sometimes customer cases need to make it to an agent, as they cannot be resolved through automated processes and self-service channels, he says. “These cases can be complicated and unpredictable. The Enterprise Case Management element assists you to solve any tricky or unexpected cases that may arise by guiding agents through service processes, presenting information and options that are relevant to the specific context of the particular interaction, and ultimately helping agents to quickly and accurately resolve any customer requests or issues.”

Another area in which KANA can assist is e-mail management. “Alongside business growth, or the introduction of new products, we often see a large spike in e-mails arriving in the contact centre. However, even though the number of mails increases, the time taken to handle them doesn’t have to. The KANA solution provides quick, intelligent handling of large volumes of e-mail while boosting contact centre productivity and scaling easily with increasing demand.”

Too often, customer service agents spend more time looking for answers than taking care of customers, says Naidoo. “This means your data resources are working against efficiency and good customer experiences. KANA’s Knowledge Management solutions make your information work for your business, by giving you access to information contextually to make search and services far more targeted and streamlined.”

Today’s customers want service available on their platform of choice, and organisations wishing to stay in business need to offer that, particularly on their online platforms. “KANA Enterprise Live Chat allows online customers to chat to agents on the Internet or their mobiles, to receive assistance on the go,” he explains.

Naidoo adds that even though customers have access to a plethora of digital resources, they might get annoyed and not wish to use online channels if they have questions or if they find self-service interactions confusing. “KANA Enterprise Advanced Co-Browse allows customers and agents to browse the same Web pages simultaneously, allowing agents to help customers to successfully finish transactions.”