ttrumpet – one of the most advanced over-the-top (OTT) service providers – has launched a new feature to the platform, namely “Tag Me” – a my-safety, real-time feature within the app aimed at families, friends and active sportsmen.

The feature enables individuals to “pin” or “mark” their journey home while on their way back from a specific location, allowing personally selected people to identify their exact location and whether they have gone off route, as well as allowing the user to alert their “followers” in cases of distress.

“We are focused on making things simpler, effective and more convenient for consumers – applying our expertise to areas that can enhance everyday activities. South African’s are very active and enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends however, safety is always a key concern. We understand this and have therefore embarked on developing a safety outreach feature, offering consumers a means to use their mobile device for peace of mind,” says Grant Theis, Co-founder of ttrumpet.

So, how does it work?

“Follow the dot” – now instead of calling or messaging friends to notify them that you have reached home safely, selected friends can now track each other home in real-time by simply inviting a friend or group of friends to track you. It also has the ability to pin-point their location and raises the alarm if they go off-route or don’t reach their destination when expected.

As a result of this functionality this feature is also a great value-add for cyclists, hikers, runners and other sportsman as it leaves a “bread crumb trail” via blue dot navigation, which route they have taken – updating tracking sessions every 10 seconds – showing total distance and time covered and indicates lost connectivity or stops longer than 10mins.

The next update of the ttrumpet app will provide even more enhanced features whereby “fences” can be set up. Parents” biggest concern is their children’s safety, whether they have arrived home safely from school or if they are in fact where they say they are.

Well, this feature then is great news for parents as they can set up “fences” – for example: parents will be able to create a “fence” around a school or home notifying them that their child has left or arrived safely -it also identifies safe zones, alerting them in the event that they move out of the set restricted areas.

“Tag Me” is easy to set up with one click notifying contacts via instant messaging that another contact wants you to track them. It’s extremely light on bandwidth (1MB can be used for 20 hours of tracking) and battery life (an average of only 7% battery loss per hour).

Technology has evolved over the decades, transforming mobile devices into smart connected devices – transmitting real-time GPS locations and two-way communication amongst consumers.

“Our aim was to create a feature rich platform enabling customers to feel secure, and we believe we have done just this through the inclusion of “Tag Me”. The ttrumpet roadmap over the coming months is packed with unique and innovative offerings within the home and safety environments, for now, enjoy the comfort of knowing that a safer community is at the touch of a button,” concludes Theis.