YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, was created in Miami, Florida in 2011 and has experienced tremendous success in the Latin American market. Its success has allowed the US based brand to expand its distribution footprint into Europe and now Africa, a key growth focus region for YEZZ.

“The African market offers considerable growth prospects,” says Robert Schiano, YEZZ MD in EMEA, “Studies show that the number of smartphones sold by 2017 will double to 350-million units. The YEZZ brand has the ambition, portfolio, and capacity to be a major player in Africa’s mobile phone sector. As Nigeria is one of the most significant markets in Africa and an integral global player as well, we are highly motivated to showcase YEZZ.”

YEZZ is proud to announce that Technology Distribution (TD) has been selected as the exclusive distributor of YEZZ in the Nigerian market. TD has an exemplary track record in terms of software, hardware, accessories and peripherals, and more recently, mobile devices across the West African region. TD will make the product range available for sale online exclusively via for the launch period, as well as through partnerships with Yudala and Key Opcos into select open channel retail outlets throughout Nigeria.

YEZZ has a diverse product portfolio with much research administered to select the key devices that will appeal to the needs and aspirations of the Nigerian target consumer. By offering different operating systems, Android, Windows Phone, and soon to come Firefox, value for money, performance, and sleek design, YEZZ will aim to win the hearts of the Nigerian consumer.

YEZZ Billy 4.7
The ultra-slim Billy 4.7 is fueled by a powerful Snapdragon quad-core processor, delivering more content for apps, games, and mobile browsing. The Billy 4.7 features a 13.1 MP camera, a stunning 4.7-inch IPS screen with OGS technology, 1280×720 HD resolution, and weighs an astonishing 120 grams.

YEZZ Billy 4
An additional Windows Phone available is the YEZZ Billy 4. This 4 inch Windows Phone is packed with class leading features at a highly competitive price.

YEZZ Andy 5T
The Android device, Andy 5T, is 6.9mm thin and 123 grams. The device provides a unique coolness factor in terms of its design. Packed with a powerful 13mp main camera and 5mp selfie camera, combined with a 5 inch capacitive touchscreen, the Andy 5T is a highly desirable alternative to the existing offerings in the market.

YEZZ Andy 6M
With its 6 inch screen, 13mp main camera and 5mp selfie camera, as well as 2400 mAh battery, the Andy 6M checks off all of the right features for the consumer.
In addition to the above devices, YEZZ will offer a broader range in key channels to cater to differing demands and affordability requirements, from our entry C21A feature phone to our mainstream smartphone devices. For more information, please visit