Wireless specialist TruTeq Devices, which provides wireless solutions to a wide range of markets, has installed more than 600 of its specialised AG50 wireless alarm systems into the farming community during the year. This comes on the back of AfriForum releasing information in early July that so far, in 2015, there have 27 farm murders and 116 farm attacks.
“We are picking up a demand for our wireless alarm solution from farmers,” says Derick Roberts, CEO of TruTeq Devices.
“We are presuming this is to do with the pricing and functionality of our solution, but also because that the farming community remains under threat – either from robberies or murders. It is a tenuous situation for farmers around the country. But our alarm system is perfect for this industry sector, due to the fact that it is a wireless alarm solution, offering an array of features.”
The company recently added a number of hardware and software features to its next-generation home alarm system in a move to “South-Africanise” it – and make it more appealing to lower income groups and previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs).
Roberts says there is a “massive market out there” for affordable security solutions. The farming community is just one of “many relevant markets”.
“The vast majority of South Africa’s more than 40 million people cannot afford home security solutions. This is one of the reasons we have launched our wireless security solution. It is predominately aimed at those who just cannot afford to pay for, and install, a security system.”
Four new software features were added:

* Mains fail (to monitor load shedding or power cut so as to prevent robberies or attacks);
* 24 hour self-test;
* Motion and movement Zone Alert; and
* The ability to arm and disarm with a missed call from the main number.

When it comes to hardware add-ons, users can now order a loud “external Siren” on request; add a 9V re-chargeable battery; and an output/link to the user’s local alarm company (enabling a connection to their radio transmitter).

Roberts also says TruTeq Devices will give the PDI market a free control room monitoring system, so that they can “set up their own security system”.

He says there is a “strong demand” for the company’s home alert security system, especially if one notes that house break-ins continue to increase, rising by 64,4% over the past eight years.
According to an analyses conducted by the SAPS (and published in its annual report) 75% of home robberies occur at night. The most vulnerable times are in the late evening, between 9pm-12pm and very early morning (up to 3am). A total of 55% of robberies occur in these timeframes.
But, more worrying, is that in 99% of these cases firearms were used, pointing to the high level of danger. Murders occur in 2% of house robberies and a total of 4% sees rapes occur.