An interim framework agreement between Uber and the Gauteng Provincial Metered Taxi Council (GPMTC) aims to ease tensions between the parties. Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, who facilitated talks between the organisations, says they were constructive and led to an understanding of the different kinds of services being provided by metered taxis and Uber partner-drivers.

The GPMTC and Uber agreed to hold a bilateral meeting to further develop a common perspective on the nature of metered taxi and Uber operations and to consider the possibilities of strengthening a future amicable relationship between the two parties. This meeting will take place tomorrow (18 July 2015).

Vadi says the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport will advise the provincial regulatory entity responsible for the issuing of public transport licenses to accept, process and, where applicable, approve Uber partner-drivers under the metered taxi services operating license category.

“This means that, Uber partner-drivers should apply for metered taxi licenses and they should do so as soon as possible,” says Vadi.

All parties agreed that any form of violence and intimidation against any service provider or their clients was unacceptable and that, should any incident of this nature occur, law enforcement agencies must act decisively against the perpetrators.

They also agreed to encourage their respective members to desist from any such conduct that will bring the public transport industry into disrepute.

Vadi adds that, as far as the Department is concerned, it will uphold the principles of freedom of association and the right of commuters to choose the transport service of their choice.