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A Brazilian trade delegation will head to South Africa next week, to seek new trade opportunities with sub-Saharan Africa.

Brazilian exports to Africa have grown by 2,5% overall in the past five years, now totalling $9,698-billion. Bilateral trade with the continent has grown from $6,153-billion in 2003 to $26,761-billion in 2014. However, there is room for significant trade growth, as trade with a number of African countries, including South Africa, has shown growth or remained steady in recent years.

Brazil, as the gateway to Latin America and the second largest emerging market in the world after China, has built a competitive industrial sector, with fast growing aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, mining, capital goods, medical devices and chemicals industries. The country’s food industry has also experience an upsurge in exports in recent years.

To highlight the trade opportunities with fast-growing businesses in Brazil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) will bring a high level trade mission to Johannesburg on 28 July 2015. The group of leading Brazilian manufacturers and exporters, representing around 30 companies in the construction, food & beverage, home furnishing, electrical & electronics, agricultural and industrial equipment, catering, medical, transport and automotive sectors, will meet South African importers, distributors, agents, retailers and wholesalers.

“Brazil is an important player in the global marketplace and is uniquely placed to act as a reliable supplier of innovative, quality and competitive products to South Africa. This trade mission will play a vital role in growing new business contacts between companies from the two countries,” says Rafael Prado, coordinator of Trade Promotion Division at Apex-Brasil.

The trade mission will represent the following sectors:
* Construction & building materials: Granite and marble floor and wall tiles; PVC roof and ceiling tiles and folding doors; brass padlocks and door locks; pre-engineered steel buildings; road making equipment; mobile cranes;

* Food and beverage products and pet foods: Breakfast cereals, dairy products, pasta, vegetable oils, French fries, cheese, frozen fruit pulps, candies and cereal bars; roasted coffee and instant cappuccino; rice; soy proteins; sugar; beef, pork, chicken and turkey; cat and dog foods;

* Home and furniture: Home theatre and TV shelves, racks and stands; baby and children’s furniture; sofa sets; kitchen and dining room furniture; cabinets and mattresses;

* Transport and automotive: Automotive batteries; trailers, semitrailers and tipper trucks;

* Electrical and electronics: Sockets and switches, adapters and plugs, extension cords and power strips, occupancy sensors, distribution boards and ceiling lights; electronic and electromechanical meters; antennas, modulators and amplifiers; turbines for power generation and associated gearboxes;

* Agricultural and industrial equipment and food processing: Silos for grain storage, grain dryers, grain cleaning machines, conveyors and bucket elevators; agricultural disc blades and implements; poultry processing equipment; stone saw blades; parts for tractors, bulldozers, scrapers, retro excavators and earth movers; railway accessories; hand tools used in civil construction, gardening, farming and mining areas;

* Catering: Wood burning stoves and heaters, combined and convection ovens, bakery machines, fryers, rotisseries chicken, buffets, pizza ovens, gondolas, checkouts, refrigerators, lockers, bench support and cooking modulated islands; and

* Medical: Surgical Sutures; orthopaedic implants and bone grafts; lung ventilators, UCI and transport ventilators.