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Pretoria-based digital print shop TCM Copy & Print has increased its production levels and turnaround time with the purchase of Xerox’s new production printer, the Versant 2100 press, supplied by Xerox partner XBC. Xerox is represented in 26 sub-Saharan countries by Bytes Document Solutions, the largest Xerox distributor in the world.

TCM Copy & Print provides a complete digital printing solution, including business cards, flyers, brochures, banners and customised products on a range of papers, boards and materials like linen, gloss, matt and vinyl.

“We pride ourselves on being able to offer same-day service,” says TCM Copy & Print owner Gary Durrant. “Production capability and turnaround time were the two factors that motivated us to buy the Versant 2100. The turnaround speed is especially important as marketing clients often need printed matter to be available within 24-hours. We expect our investment in the new press to pay off within 36 months as a result.”

TCM Copy & Print evaluated a number of presses over a period of six months, and the Versant came out tops every time. The 100 page-per-minute press combines speed, image quality and automation features to enable print shops to create colourful personalised communications, marketing collateral, training manuals, brochures, photo publishing and speciality products.

The press prints up to 100ppm on media stock as heavy as 300gsm and up to 80ppm on media stock as heavy as 350gsm. Its integrated full width array and Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS), automate time-consuming tasks, making it easier to produce more jobs.

“Automated colour control means we can deliver according to customers’ expectations in less time with less waste,” says Durrant. “The press maintains tight registration from page to page. Ultra HD resolution makes the images and text sharp and vibrant, and the colours are consistent. The software also makes it easy for us to tailor the press to our production needs.”

Durrant says the quality, speed and cost benefits of the Versant have made it easier for TCM Copy & Print to competitively position itself to win more new jobs and retain repeat business. He also commented on the quality of service provided by Xerox. The diagnostic technology is a major advantage, as is the response time of the team of specialists Xerox employs to look after customers.

“Where others have an eight-hour response time, Xerox attends to service issues in four hours. In an environment where uptime is critical, that is a key differentiator,” he says.

Lloyd Webb, director at XBC, says automation is at the top of the list when it comes to more accurate and efficient print jobs. “As the market shifts toward short runs and quick turnarounds, print shops are under pressure to produce many more jobs in a shift and in a day than in the past. The Versant 2100 is designed to do just that.”