The new Adobe Connect delivers critical new enhancements and capabilities to address challenges faced by many organisations in conducting virtual meetings, webinars, and training. The Platform meets the growing demand for advanced technology to support specialised mission-critical use cases by providing complete end-to-end solutions for both live training and webinars.

“This release introduces new offerings for learning and webinars that allow customers to adopt complete solutions tailored for education, demonstration and meetings,” explains Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Local Distributor – Dax Data.

Adobe Connect Meeting provides rich collaboration capabilities across devices on a per-user or per-meeting host basis. The Connect Meeting Named Host option, provides the ability to host a meeting with up to 100 total attendees
on the Adobe Hosted platform – ideal for companies wishing to host online meetings or demonstrations and starts from as little as $500 per year.

“This makes Adobe Connect one of the most accessible and affordable online platforms,” continues Matthews

Named Virtual Classroom Manager is part of Adobe Connect Learning. It enables a course facilitator to host live training sessions in a virtual classroom with a capacity of 200. It includes robust, customisable event management services, learner tracking capabilities and highly interactive experiences.

Named Webinar Manager is an exciting new addition to offerings within the Adobe Connect Webinars solution. This per-manager option provides each manager with rich, customisable event management, immersive webinar experiences and powerful reporting and analytics. It comes in capacities of 100, 500 and 1000.

All of the offerings include the same dynamic, interactive and rich in-meeting experiences that customers expect, across devices.

The Adobe Connect platform is a premium offering that is well-suited to buyers that want a high degree of flexibility for deployment — from on-premises to managed services in the cloud. It uses a strong ecosystem of channel partners that augment the service for everything from audio conferencing to global content delivery networks.