Ricoh has made it possible for print service providers (PSP) to give marketers a way to measure the efficacy of their print material in achieving campaign objectives and KPIs by linking it to traceable, digital resources.
Clickable Paper has a new feature that help businesses be ready for the future, crucially allowing PSPs to self-author content and hotspots, and Ricoh will offer PSPs customisation software in the second half of 2015 so that they can create their own branded apps for Clickable Paper.

“The new feature, and the customisation software we’ll launch in the second half of this year, demonstrate our R&D teams’ expertise in production printing by understanding the need to unite physical print and digital mobility. It means print service providers can help their customers be ready for the future by giving their marketer and communications customers the flexibility, agility, and potential profitability that increasingly permeate their KPIs and marketing strategies,” says Jean Lloyd, executive GM of Production Print Solutions at Ricoh SA.

Clickable Paper provides immediate one-touch access to multiple types of online information. Ricoh handled the authoring process in the past but now printers can do it themselves for faster turnaround. Hotspots can also be managed in a more hands-on way so content can be adapted to offer a responsive information resource.

Clickable Paper is an image recognition technology based on Ricoh Visual Search technology developed by Ricoh Innovations. It creates hotspots on printed images, without marking, editing, or reformatting the source documents. It links those hotspots to rich media from related, authored content, end-user contributed social media information, or calls to action such as tweets, maps, phone calls and e-mails.

Barnwell Print, the European and British commercial printer is the first to adopt the new solution. Joint MD, Julian Barnwell, says: “Authoring enables us to manage the whole process under one roof. It is well designed, well thought out and very simple to use. It is so easy to apply the hotspots and the accountability is readily reported which enables our customers to better understand its impact.”

He adds that giving users authoring capabilities helps make the production process smoother and enables Barnwell to better support happier clients, such as Norfolk Broads, a cruise operator that used Clickable Paper to link a hotspot to a 360-degree tour of one of its boats. After seeing the spike in viewings Clickable Paper garnered, the company developed a bookings growth strategy for the remainder of the fleet using similar videos. The same strategy is directly relatable to estate agencies, for example, that show high value properties or estates, holiday locations and more.

Barnwell adds: “Every time we show people Clickable Paper they love it. Readers can access the information on any number of devices so they don’t have to be in front of a computer. The printed page is hugely trusted and Clickable Paper empowers print. Being able to self-author means we can be more responsive and creative with the service we provide.”

The next step in Clickable Paper’s development will be branding hot spots in clients’ corporate livery. This approach has been market tested and will now be made available.

“The app improves usability and manageability to help print service providers offer clients greater choice,” says Lloyd. “It helps identify impact and engagement for print campaigns by tracking it digitally.

“The solution helps companies sell by linking targeted media, tailored messages, and up-to-date content directly with their segmented audiences with the ability to monitor, track and deliver measurable metrics,” she says.