CA Southern Africa has revealed the results of a recent study that shows CA API Management helps drive business growth by improving the time-to-market for revenue-generating applications that depend on APIs.

Results show a 97% time improvement to deploy apps that require integration with multiple data sets – going from 90 days to three days using CA’s API solutions.

The study, The Total Economic Impact of CA Technologies CA API Management, conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by CA Technologies, provides analysis from Forrester based on in-depth interviews with CA API Management customers.

Consumer and employee appetite for more applications is growing and 94% of business executives said they faced increased pressure to release apps more quickly. APIs are being used to help speed app development and delivery.

“In the application economy, companies are facing increasing pressure to move toward an API-first architecture as they digitally transform their businesses,” says  Andrea Lodolo, chief technology officer of CA Southern Africa.  “Businesses are looking for new ways of engaging with customers, partners and employees to generate revenue opportunities using connected devices, big data and analytics. Underpinning these new models is a fundamental shift in the way software is developed and deployed, and APIs are the building blocks enabling that shift.”

CA API Management delivers cross-functional benefit across a variety of users including the developer building the apps, the business executive who owns the new business service, and enterprise architect responsible for managing and securing the API.  It helps companies meet the surge in demand to deploy apps quickly while also reducing the time and effort required to manage APIs and deliver tangible return on investment (ROI) for customers.

The study also found key additional benefits around CA API Management:

* Financial value – the three-year, risk-adjusted analysis showed a 275% ROI and a payback period of 12 months;

* Improved productivity – the average time required to create API policies decreased from eight hours to 20 minutes (96%), improving the productivity of the API architect;

* Easier maintenance – with CA API Management, customers received easier ongoing policy maintenance and support, requiring only 50% of the time as before because of better tools; and

* New revenue streams – some customers could increase ROI an additional 70% if they are using CA API Management to open up data and monetise APIs.