Organisers of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), a platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality devices, has announced the launch of a research portal on the OSVR Web site.
Led by OSVR’s academic partners, the research can be accessed by developers, enthusiasts and anyone with an interest in virtual reality.

“Creating an open platform to exchange knowledge and learnings of both commercial and academic partners will drive the entire industry forward with an open knowledge base through which the exchange of crucial learnings can be done,” says Christopher Mitchell, senior product marketing manager at Razer. “We are still in somewhat unchartered territory with virtual reality, and it is through collaboration that we can solve problems and push the envelope of virtual reality technology to make it a mass market success.”

The resources available at the portal’s launch will cover the following categories with more anticipated:

* Virtual reality – general VR design principles and technology;
* Augmented reality – effective real world application of AR;
* Game design – observations and insights into effective game design for VR/AR;
* Peripheral optimisation – guidelines and best practices when designing interaction and interfaces around industry peripherals;
* Algorithms – optimising the design and logic of VR/AR software technology; and
* VR in education – enhancing education with virtual reality.

Anybody interested in contributing can submit his or her whitepaper for publishing on the VR research portal. If selected, you will have the opportunity to tap on the entire OSVR base of 155 partners covering aspects of the industry ranging from VR peripherals, content production, simulation engines, consultation, technology providing and academia to further your research.