Vox Telecom has today announced a limited offer of R485.00 for its larger 300Gb Fat Pipe package – equivalent to the price of its Fat Pipe 150Gb package.
Prompted by the success of its recent 100Gb Fat Pipe promotion, the bigger package is intended for those power users that want to do more with their data.

The promotion will kick off today (4 August) and run until 1 000 people have signed up, or 31 August, whichever comes first.

The offer is only available for online purchases through the Vox Telecom web site.

Shane Chorley, executive head of carrier and connectivity at Vox Telecom, comments: “We’ve been monitoring a number of discussions on various online forums and the message we’ve received is clear. People want more data, for a better price.

“We’ve listened, and this is one way to test the interest and uptake of our bigger packages.”