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Data management is a vast discipline, covering everything from established roles such as database administration, to emerging platforms such as Data Governance and Big Data Analytics.

For large organisations, data management bills can run in to the hundreds of millions of rands annually. As data becomes more strategic, it is important to for each of us to invest correctly.

For this reason, South African data management experts, MDM, have launched the 2015 Data Management benchmark survey to allow you to assess your company’s data management maturity against that of your peers and competitors.

The survey comprises of less than 20 questions and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be taken anonymously, or you may choose to register to receive the results.

“This broad based survey is intended to give a good understanding of the level of maturity, focus and importance given to each of the core data management disciplines. This is not intended just for IT or data management professionals, but also to give business professionals the opportunity to add their perceptions,” says Gary Allemann of Master Data Management.

The survey is expected to run until the end of August 2015, with results to be published in September.

“If you have an interest in data, I encourage you not only to take our survey, but to engage your colleagues. The more responses we get the more valuable the results,” concludes Allemann

To take the survey, visit