With electricity shortages and climate change top of mind, South Africans become more aware than ever of the consequences of failing to save energy. How can consumers make informed choices that help the environment as well as save them money?In order to make it easy for consumers to choose environmentally-friendly products, LG ensures that all of its green products have Energy Star ratings front and centre. This globally recognised rating system identifies products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

The majority of LG products carry Energy Star labels, with some products recognised as Energy Star Most Efficient performers. LG’s dynamic washing machines have shone in this category thanks to innovative design. LG’s range of front and top loader washing machines boast high load capacities, allowing users to do more laundry in a single load and save water in the process.

Another distinguishing feature of LG’s washing machines, also found in its dishwasher ranges, is its Inverter Direct Drive Technology. With savings of 45% in electricity and 25% in water, Inverter Direct Drive Motors are powering LG’s commitment to energy-efficient products that lead to real savings.

Refrigerators account for a big chunk of household energy usage. This makes choosing an energy efficient fridge especially important in reducing your household’s carbon footprint. LG fridges are powered by Inverter Linear Compressors, which can result in energy savings of up to 32%. Nor is this the only energy-saving feature. Door in Door functionality leads to less opening and closing of the entire fridge door and drastically reduces energy expenditure in the process.

One of the most overlooked means of saving energy is build quality and maintenance. Products with short lifecycles lead to inefficient performance and eventually overflowing landfills. LG-specific features like Smart Diagnosis can greatly increases their lifecycles, making them good for both the price-conscious consumer and the environment.

While choice washing machines and fridges seem like natural ways in which consumers can save energy, there are other appliances that also contribute to household savings. Over 80% of the LG TVs have been certified by the Energy Saving Trust to help you save money on your electricity bills. This is through features like Intelligent Sensor, which automatically adjust screens to the environment and reduce power consumption by 69%.

With energy-saving appliances such as these on the market, LG’s products have the potential to empower consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions without having to sacrifice functionality and style.