Sophos has announced the availability of Sophos Cloud Web Gateway, a cloud-based secure web gateway that delivers advanced protection for users, devices and data across multiple operating systems, regardless of their location. The addition of secure Web gateway to Sophos Cloud integrates technology from Mojave Networks, which Sophos acquired in October 2014.

Sophos Cloud Web Gateway provides protection from the latest malware and phishing threats, granular policy management, advanced content filtering and big-data web traffic analytics – all without the need for physical appliances. Access to a global network of data centres makes the comprehensive analysis of data traffic for content and security compliance fast and transparent for the end user.

IT managers are able to pinpoint ‘at risk’ users or devices through activity, behaviours and usage monitoring with advanced alerts, warnings and notifications. Granular policies can be set by device, by user or by group, and tamper protection prevents the accidental or intentional changing of settings, keeping even rogue users compliant.

“Today, employees are mobile and work across multiple devices. Securing the perimeter or a single device is no longer sufficient. Sophos Cloud Endpoint and Mobile products cover employees wherever they work and on whatever device they are using. With the addition of a powerful web gateway, Sophos Cloud provides a full suite of enterprise-grade security solutions designed for the mid-market,” says Brett Myroff, MD of Sophos distributor, NetXactics.

“Sophos’ unified defence vision and the benefits that the cloud managed offering gives to SMBs with limited IT resources, will be well received in the marketplace. Ease of use is also a primary focus for Sophos, and one that customers and partners both attest is well-received,” says Rob Westervelt, research manager at IDC.

Sophos Cloud Web Gateway features include advanced web protection from today’s threats through a global network of web gateways that ensures web traffic is analysed quickly and transparently, intelligent scanning of web content and blocking of the latest web threats, multi-protocol scanning across application and web traffic – including HTTPS and SSL, and big-data, cloud-powered reporting.

Granular reports are available by user, by device, by application and by category. Policies can be customised to meet compliance obligations, manage productivity and optimise bandwidth, while controlling applications such as Instant Messaging and Skype. It also offers Web security designed for employee computers and mobile devices on or off the corporate network as well as an Endpoint agent with sophisticated tamper protection safeguards.