Marketers pay lip service to putting the customer at the centre of everything they do – but, in practice, many roadblocks still stand in the way of making customer obsession a reality.
In a new Forrester/ANA survey of 61 marketing leaders, 87% agree that adopting a customer-life-cycle-based approach is better than the sales and marketing funnel for representing a customer-obsessed point of view, yet 70% of respondents are still aspiring to adopt this model.

The research seeks to understand why this trends prevails.

If found that 70% of those surveyed say that applying the customer life cycle in practice is a challenge because it requires them to reorganize their marketing organisation around the customer, rather than their product, brand, or marketing silos.

A further 53% say they face challenges around adopting the customer life cycle because it requires a robust technology infrastructure to manage the complexity of customer engagement.