The new Samsung SD590 curved monitor from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) offers the ultimate in immersive viewing, perfect for any application from home entertainment to office productivity. Harnessing the power of the curve, the monitor offers a wider field of view, and with the edges closer to the viewer, the screen appears larger and ‘immerses’ the viewer with the monitor.

“The curve of the Samsung SD590C is concave in shape, with the centre of the screen furthest away and the edges curving in toward the user. Curving the screen in this way ensures that all parts of the screen are an equal distance from the viewer’s eyes, creating a more immersive and realistic viewing experience. In addition, it reduces eyestrain by naturalising viewing, making for a more comfortable, productive working environment,” says Michael Watts, Business Unit Manager at DCC.

With 178-degree viewing angles, clear viewing vertically and horizontally, and a 3000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio to complement the curved screen, the SD590C is the ultimate companion for gaming and home entertainment. Game Mode creates a realistic gaming experience lets you step right into the game, with rich built-in sound which is ideal for both games and multimedia. The monitor incorporates five-Watt dual speakers built right into the curve. High quality stereo sound is the result, enhancing games, music and movies, allowing you to create your own personal home movie theatre system.

Connectivity options include HDMI connections to gaming consoles and Blu-ray players and PC’s, and D-Sub to connect to PC. A Display Port makes connecting to other displays quick and easy. A clean, understated look and elegant metal stand complement any décor and a narrow bezel maximises display size with minimum distraction.

“The Samsung SD590C revolutionises gaming and entertainment, but it is also equally applicable in the business space. For users who need more screen real estate, linking up to three monitors will provide a large, gently curved screen that offers more than enough room for serious multitasking. The curved monitor is the future of displays,” Watts concludes.

The Samsung SD590C curved monitor is available immediately from resellers and leading retailers for a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of R7999,00. Prices are inclusive of VAT and subject to the Rate of Exchange (RoE).