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TransUnion Auto Information Solutions, in partnership with Imarda Technologies SA, has introduced TU SYNC to the South African auto dealer landscape. TU SYNC vehicle management solution combines wireless, real-time tracking with stock management and full integration into third-party, back-end systems to deliver unprecedented levels of insight and process automation. Armed with up-to-the-minute information on the location of each and every vehicle in their stock pool at any given time, dealers are now empowered to proactively manage risk while improving efficiency and leveraging a host of other benefits.

“For many dealers, in particular large outfits that stock hundreds of vehicles at any given time, keeping track of vehicles can be a real challenge. The unfortunate reality is that theft is all too common, and often by the time dealers realise a vehicle is missing it is too late. TU SYNC addresses this challenge by providing tracking in real-time, with customisable, configurable alerts to deliver a more proactive approach. In addition, it provides up-to-date stock profiles, improving efficiency by automating the laborious stock control process,” says Kriben Reddy, director, product development, TransUnion Auto Information Solutions.

TU SYNC is a self-powered tracking device with extended battery life that utilises GPS to pinpoint the precise location, to within a few metres of a vehicle. TU SYNC also can be customised according to requirements. “The real value here is in the power of the data dealers can access, providing the ability to proactively track and give a complete view of all vehicles at all times. This kind of visibility is immensely valuable,” continues Reddy.

TU SYNC offers a cloud-based solution that allows dealers to fully customise their tracking system. Vehicles can be geo-fenced, or limited to a specific geographical area around the dealership, and alerts can be sent automatically if any vehicles leave this set area. Vehicles can also be tracked during test drives, whilst on loan, or while they are out of the dealership for any reason, with customisable triggers to alert managers of unusual or unauthorised use. Dealers can even set specific parameters for test drives, and receive alerts should vehicles deviate from set routes.

For insurance purposes and risk mitigation, auto dealers are typically required to fit tracking devices to all of their vehicles, which can take several hours, or even days to organise and install. TU SYNC is a wireless solution that can be fitted to a vehicle by a qualified installer in a matter of minutes. In fact, TransUnion guarantees a complete turnaround time of just 90 minutes from receiving a request for installation to the unit being put into place, integrated into back-end systems, and tracking becoming live and active. Since the units are not hard wired into the vehicle, they can be removed and re-used, enabling dealers to own a pool of devices that can then be rotated when vehicles are sold and stock is replaced.

“This is another significant challenge for dealers – they must pay an installation charge to have tracking units fitted, but once the car is sold the tracking unit goes with the vehicle and this investment cannot be recovered. TU SYNC offers a more cost effective solution that still complies with insurance requirements, with additional benefits to management and stock visibility and control,” says Reddy. “In addition, TU SYNC creates the opportunity for additional revenue generation for dealers. They have the ability to on-sell the tracking unit to the buyer. The buyer, in turn, can then leverage TransUnion’s cost-effective consumer vehicle tracking service, TU SYNC MyCar.”

TU SYNC is available immediately from TransUnion Auto Information Solutions.