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Kaspersky Lab’s solution for small business has been tested by Dennis Technology Labs, AV-Test and Virus Bulletin and acknowledged to be one of the most reliable products for the sector.

In a recent Dennis Technology Labs test, the results of which were published in early August, Kaspersky Small Office Security achieved the maximum possible score and was awarded an AAA certificate. During testing, experts not only looked at each product’s response to harmless or malicious programmes and websites but also calculated a total accuracy rating. This rating is formed of two components — a protection rating and a legitimate software rating. The former is based on the way in which each solution handles threats (neutralises them, completely mitigates the consequences of infections or prevents them altogether). The latter depends on which harmless objects are identified as threats: if a solution blocks a popular programme, the penalty is higher than if a rarely used legitimate application is blocked. Kaspersky Small Office Security produced no false positives, while blocking all infection attempts. As a result, it was the only solution to achieve the highest possible Total Accuracy Rating of 1016 points.

The results produced by Kaspersky Small Office Security in another corporate-solution test were equally impressive: according to a report published by AV-Test in the last week of July, the product not only received an Approved Corporate Endpoint Protection certificate but was one of only two products to score 18 points out of 18. The testing methodology used by AV-Test evaluates security products on three criteria: usability, performance and protection. In testing carried out by AV-Test, usability traditionally means the absence of false positives. Since Kaspersky Small Office Security produced none, it received 6 points out of 6. The product achieved the same score for its protection level, which was tested using two collections – zero-day threats and widespread malware discovered in the last 4 weeks. The Kaspersky Lab solution also achieved the maximum possible score in the performance category: it did not have a significant effect on system performance.

An additional award received by Kaspersky Small Office Security in late July was the VB100 – April certificate, which was awarded in a Virus Bulletin comparative review of security products. During the testing, which was carried out in April 2015, Kaspersky Small Office Security successfully detected 100% of modern threats both in on-demand and in on-access tests. The solution produced no false positives and achieved the top mark “solid” for stability, meaning that no problems were identified during testing.

It is also worth noting a separate review of Kaspersky Small Office Security, which was published by AV-Comparatives in early July. The review includes a detailed analysis of the functions included in the latest version of the solution. The researchers particularly emphasised the convenience and ease of managing the product via a cloud-based console.

“Independent test labs from different countries are virtually unanimous in their assessment of the latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security. For products designed for small businesses, a unanimity of opinion is particularly important because small companies, which do not often have a system administrator of their own, tend to rely on a broad range of reviews when selecting a product to protect their IT infrastructure,” comments Timur Biyachuev, Director of Anti-Malware research, Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is a dedicated solution designed to protect the IT infrastructure of small businesses. The solution’s components can protect Windows devices (both servers and workstations), as well as OS X and Android devices. The cloud-based console can be used to protect the entire IT infrastructure from any location. The solution is designed to enable even non-IT professionals to effectively control the company’s IT security system.