National ICT managed services provider Integr8 has an established partnership with global PC vendor Lenovo to ensure that end-users derive maximum value support services.
Integr8 continues to lead from the front in the integration of game-changing technology to help clients maximise the value of their ICT infrastructure investment.

The company is in-tune with the latest technology trends and disruptive products that leverage off major influences such as cloud, digitisation, big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

One of its mandates is to partner with industry leaders and progressive, technology-focused businesses that have a firm track record of technology supply to the channel and, ultimately, to benefit the end users.

Bennie Strydom, CSO of Integr8, says that Integr8 seeks to partner with effective, successful industry leaders and Lenovo ticks all the boxes.

“Lenovo is number two-hundred and eighty sixth on the Fortune five-hundred list… it is the world’s largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company,” says Strydom.

The PC vendor has successfully infiltrated several areas of ICT and brings to partnership its entire laptop/server and desktop suite of products. “It delivers a full range of durable appliances for our customer base,” Strydom continues. “It also allows us to be even more competitive in the market when selling end-user support services.”

The partnership enables Integr8 to leverage off the Lenovo portal. This allows access to detect product and track refresh cycles and updates to the latest firmware and software available to the Lenovo platforms which is offered by Integr8.

Integr8 has paid careful attention to skill sets to ensure value-add to end-user support services on advanced platform technology. The Company feels it has the required level of expertise to broaden the Lenovo technical superiority and value component in an ultra-competitive marketplace.