Tintri has announced the release of the Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series. The VMstore T5000 joins the award winning T800 Hybrid-Flash series to create a portfolio of VM-aware storage platforms that offer enterprises and service providers their choice of storage, hypervisor and packaging to best meet their needs. Powered by the same Tintri OS and real time VM-level analytics, the new products will enable customers to easily optimise virtualised workloads across the T5000 and T800 systems.
Today’s announcement also includes additional new products:
* Tintri OS 4.0 provides a single OS for both the T5000 and T800 platforms.
* Tintri Global Center (TGC) 2.1 manages and provides actionable real time VM-level analytics for more than 100,000 virtual machines. TGC 2.1 extends ease of management and analytics capabilities to mixed Tintri VMstore All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash environments by identifying “flash-hungry” VMs and enables administrators to move the workloads to a Tintri All-Flash system. It is capable of not only dynamically assigning service group policies for data protection and quality of service but also seamlessly transferring and retaining the same service group settings when a VM is moved to another VMstore.
* Tintri VMstack™ Converged Infrastructure is the industry’s first VM-aware converged solution providing customers the choice of Hybrid-Flash or All-Flash storage, multiple hypervisors, compute and network. Select Tintri partners including 5S, Groupware, nfrastructure, P1 Technologies, RediCloud- a division of Axispoint, and Virtual Armor will offer pre-qualified, integrated solutions designed for specific use cases such as VDI, high performance enterprise applications and private cloud.

The Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series includes two models—the VMstore T5060 and T5080 can store up to 5,000 VMs in a 2U form factor and up to 100,000 virtual machines, 1.4PB of data and 4 million IOPS in a single rack. The series is designed for very large database farms, analytics workloads and large persistent virtual desktops, which demand predictable, high throughput and sub-millisecond latency across their entire multi-terabyte capacity.

The existing T800 Hybrid-Flash series will continue to support enterprises seeking the optimum balance of all flash performance and value with the same VM-aware capabilities as the T5000. With 99 percent of storage IO from flash, the T800 series is the ideal platform for most server virtualisation, VDI, private cloud and test and development use cases.

The T5000 and T800 are the only solutions in the industry to provide real time, VM-level analytics. Customers can identify and act on changes in VM performance and capacity use across their entire infrastructure and across multiple hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation.

“We have consistently heard from business leaders that the performance of their virtualised applications is paramount to the success of their organisations,” says Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman at Tintri. “Many storage vendors respond by focusing on speeds and feeds and who has more or less flash. They’re selling expensive Band-Aids. Tintri focuses on the root cause with storage specifically built for virtualised enterprises. With today’s announcement, we bring VM-awareness to all-flash, and offer a common platform with hybrid-flash on which customers can analyse and optimise workloads.”

“Tintri’s launch of its All-Flash series allows us to offer customers a complete portfolio of VM-aware storage solutions. It expands our ability to offer customers of all sizes a choice of storage, hypervisor and packaging. This allows us to provide businesses’ a wider range of solutions to handle the most demanding VM environments.” Commented Paul Fuller, Sales Director and Marketing Director at Rcom.

The Tintri VMstack Converged Infrastructure is the industry’s first VM-aware stack, offering customers the choice of storage platform, hypervisor, compute and network infrastructure Tintri VMstack Partners will offer a variety of pre-qualified integrated solutions for specific use cases, including:
* Tintri VMstack for Server Virtualisation – optimised for server virtualisation based on VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or other Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation sized for typical virtualised server applications.
* Tintri VMstack for VDI – optimised for VDI, based on VMware Horizon with View or Citrix XenDesktop running on supported hypervisor platforms, sized for various user counts and concurrent desktop use.
* Tintri VMstack for Private Cloud – optimised for private clouds based on VMware vRealize Suite, or OpenStack and sized for large numbers of dynamic workloads with a high rate of change.

Customers who purchase VMstack solutions from Tintri partners that include Cisco hardware will enjoy the added benefit of global Level 1 (24×7) support from Cisco.

“We’re excited to be a VMstack Converged Infrastructure Partner,” says Aaron Cardenas, CEO from P1 Technologies. “We built our VMstack solutions with the philosophy that they should be loosely coupled, but tightly knit—to offer a simpler experience for our customers to set up, monitor, manage performance and by extension, guarantee SLAs. With Tintri as the storage component, customers benefit from VM-level visibility across the infrastructure, so they always have a finger on the pulse of their virtual footprint. Our portfolio of VMstack solutions supports everything from departmental projects to enterprise-wide, large scale deployments.”

To learn more about Tintri’s vision for the future of the storage industry and about newly announced products and solutions, join Kieran Harty, co-founder and CTO, for a special online keynote presentation on August 20, 2015. Tintri also extends a special invitation to prospects, customers and partners to attend Tintricity, Tintri’s annual user conference on August 30, 2015.

The Tintri VMstore T5000 series is available for ordering worldwide and is expected to ship in September 2015.