Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) is now distributing NovelSat NS3’s third generation satellite transmission technology. Considered a game changer, the NovelSat satellite transmission equipment delivers between 30 and 60 percent higher data throughput rates, driving capacity and cost efficiencies. It also does not require an expensive forklift upgrade to apply.

The NS3 technology addresses many of the challenges faced by broadcasters, organisations offering data intensive applications, and telcos and cellular operators using satellite backhaul.

Says Mark Chertkow, director at GIT: “Satellite bandwidth availability and costs continue to pose significant challenges. By delivering the most efficient use of bandwidth, NovelSat NS3 reduces operating costs by letting satellite communications organisations transfer more data over a fixed amount of bandwidth, lease less bandwidth to handle communications that would take far more with other solutions or use smaller antennas to meet communication needs.”

Satellite modulators and demodulators with embedded NovelSat NS3 technology can achieve an increase in spectral efficiency of 30 to 60 percent compared with DVB-S2, the current industry standard for satellite transmission. Using NovelSat modems equipped with NovelSat DUET software-based band reuse technology makes it possible to simultaneously use the same bandwidth for both uplink and downlink, almost doubling the effective data rate. This provides an increase of as much as 100 percent with transmission speeds from 100 Kilobits per second (Kbps) to 730 Megabits per second (Mbps) over a 72 Megahertz (MHz) transponder.

Further contributing to cost savings are intelligent management of fade margin (Adaptive Coding and Modulation or ACM) and transmitted power (Automatic Uplink Power Control or AUPC). This optimises bandwidth usage, simultaneous video and data transmission over the same carrier, and very high resilience for all types of signal interference (e.g., jamming, weather fluctuations, phase noise and saturation).

Says Chertkow: “The NovelSat NS3 solutions are a welcome addition to the satellite transmission technology stack. They will assist broadcasters to cost-effectively increase distribution even as the number of channels increases exponentially, and High Definition TV (HDTV) and 1080 pixels broadcasting move into the mainstream. For Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telcos and cellular network providers using satellite for data transmission and backhaul, the NS3 technologies will assist to address the challenges of simultaneously delivering more video and data over the same channel with greater reliability to more people and devices, while still maintaining profitability.”

The NovelSat NS3 technology is completely application agnostic. It is also backward compatible with common Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-SNG) and other transmission standards, and forward compatible with new technologies such as High Throughput Satellite (HTS). This means it can be used without the need for expensive forklift upgrades.

NovelSat modems also offer telcos and cellular network providers that must make use of satellite for backhaul some relief from the dual challenges of latency and high cost of satellite bandwidth. With NovelSat modems, data transmission can be increased by 30 to 60 percent. With the addition of the NovelSat DUET echo-cancelling technology a NovelSat NS3000 satellite modem delivers 100 percent more capacity. This can dramatically cut the cost of space-based bandwidth, making satellite-based cellular backhaul a more reliable and cost-effective component of cellular backhaul networks.

In terms of data transmission, NovelSat solutions support some of the highest data transmission rates in the industry, achieving up to 365Mbps using 70 MegSymbol per second (Msym/sec) transmission. NovelSat data transmission solutions incorporate modem, modulator and demodulator, and include spectral efficiency enhancement techniques such as ACM.

The NovelSat NS3 solutions are immediately available from GIT.