With Standard Bank’s latest updates to its app for Android and Apple smartphones, customers can now change their monthly payment limits, view their vehicle finance accounts, activate their cards for international travel, trade shares on stock exchanges around the world, and even link the app to their Apple Watch.
“Standard Bank is devoted to transforming the banking experience for our customers by making it faster, easier and much more accessible, anywhere, anytime,” says Magnus Taljaard, head of digital customer solutions at Standard Bank.
Local customers with offshore accounts held with Standard Bank can now view their offshore portfolios from the app – representing the bank’s vision of providing a truly global experience, from the convenience of one app.
“Allowing customers to activate their bank cards for use during international travel is our first step towards enabling the app as a remote control for one’s cards, “Taljaard adds, explaining that forthcoming updates will enable users to toggle cards on or off, stop cards permanently, order new cards, and manage ATM limits.
These updates follow the June announcement that the bank is piloting banking and share trading features for the Apple Watch. Now available to the public, customers can link their app to the Apple Watch, and view their latest account balances on the watch without having to sign in.
With the smartphone app, Standard Bank customers can now:
* Increase or decrease their Electronic Account Payment limit – up to a maximum of R500 000 per month.
* View all vehicle finance assets (including cars, trucks, trailers, boats and planes), including outstanding balances and original loan values.
* Activate their cheque or credit card through the app, to be used during international travel.
* See their minimum credit card payments due, easily make payments to the card, and ensure the card never goes into an ‘overdue’ state.
* View Standard Bank accounts held offshore.
* Link the app to the Apple Watch, to check account balances on the watch.
* Trade on 29 exchanges across the world, encompassing a broad range of financial instruments, with our WebTrader service linked to the app.
These new features complement other recent enhancements – which included the ability to view insurance portfolios, automatically submit insurance claims for Homeowners’ cover, trade shares on the JSE, and calculate bond affordability and repayments with a set of useful calculators.
“The next update to the smartphone app is planned for release in late-September – all in an ongoing effort to move our customers forward by offering the most advanced, on-trend banking app available in Africa,” Taljaard says.