Through its location at Teraco, Tarsus Cloud on Demand is providing customers with a complete SAN and storage-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for any company within the Teraco vendor neutral data environments.
Leveraging the SAN service offered by Tarsus Cloud On Demand, service providers, enterprise and SMB customers housed within Teraco can now leverage a full SAN infrastructure by simply installing an interconnect. An Interconnect is either a LAN cable or fibre connection that runs from one rack to another. The solution offers enterprise-class storage and has been built on Infinidat’s high performance Infinibox, for which customers will only pay per Gigabyte per month.
“This Infinibox solution allows us to move beyond the provision of cloud servers, and allows our reseller and ISP partners that are located in Teraco, the flexibility to cross connect and consume on a pure hardware requirement, within a cloud based and commercially attractive as-a-Service model,” says Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Tarsus Cloud On Demand.
“Customers and providers are looking for efficiency and scale in their storage solutions, we believe this offering, as well as its ability to deliver up to 2PB (petabytes) in a single rack, not only offers them the scale they need, but also the affordability they are looking for from cloud-centric storage,” he adds.
The Infinibox, solution offered by Tarsus Cloud On Demand delivers high performance enterprise storage, eliminates performance, availability and scalability issues, that in turn helps companies accelerate (time to) critical business applications. Through its high-speed fibre connection the company can offer 99,99999% SAN uptime as well as 300 000-plus iOPS.
The model by which customers can purchase their storage, namely per Gigabyte per month, enables them to scale up and down as their organisational needs change while purchasing on an OPEX basis, as opposed to continual CAPEX investment in upgrades or hardware refreshes.
In addition, companies are offering customers flexibility in their deployment, with options that include either Fibre Connected/iSCSI or NAS deployment. As a result of the speed at which data can be accessed customers will experience little to no bottlenecks on workloads and have the ability, again based on the consumption model, to burst storage capacity when needed.
“The Infinidat solution offers unmatched reliability and performance (99,99999% uptime) as a result of being built on an innovative self-healing architecture, it also provides high performance double-parity RAID and enables comprehensive end-to-end data verification,” says Brendan Haskins, chief technology officer at Tarsus Cloud On Demand . “In short the solution is based upon a fully abstracted set of software driven storage functions that have been layered on top of very low cost commodity hardware.
“It is this that allows it to deliver an efficient data distribution architecture that then makes use of all drives, all the time, while being supported by a very large flash cache that delivers ultra-high performance. The savings one makes from using this type of solution can immediately be passed back to the customer. It really is the true embodiment and realisation of what cloud computing and cloud services should start offering customers.”