Johannesburg-based TVR Computers has concluded an official authorised distributorship agreement with XFX. The agreement will extend TVR the rights to distribute XFX range of products in the region of South Africa.  XFX, is a division of PINE Technology Holdings.
Pine, founded in 1989, develops, manufactures and distributes high-performance video graphics technology and computer peripherals. The company’s dedicated research and development team are continually pushing the limits to meet the demand of the ever-growing and performance-driven community. Headquartered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong SAR), Pine has more than 1 000 employees worldwide with 16 offices around the globe. PINE also maintains four state-of-the-art research and development facilities in the Asia Pacific region and a factory in Mainland China.
Leroy Baartman, CEO of TVR Computers, says: “We are extremely excited to take on this world renowned and leading edge product. It will fit well in with our strategy of focusing on the ever green and growing gaming and graphics design community.”
Sunny Narain, vice-president: regional sales at XFX, comments: “I am very pleased to have TVR Computers on board. It is clear that our new partner in South Africa understands the market and the importance of customer service and support.”  Narain continues, “We are specialists in our field and have a lot of experience with a broad, rich and unique product line. This background of ours coupled with a solid partner like TVR is very enriching to us as we do want to extend our offering to the region, to the end users and we are excited that this will be possible with our partnership with TVR.”
He adds: “XX has their fully owned factory to manufacture their own graphics cards.  this is a big plus point as our R&D has the complete liberty to enhance our products by over clocking them at our own factory and experimenting various cooling mechanisms and implementing the best one that suits the performance.  All this is done to provide a more sophisticated product to our users and having our own factory allows to have such setting to make such daring and technological advances possible. Our Ghost Technology Cooling mechanism and our Black Edition over clocked cards are such living examples.”