Although the economic impact of load shedding is unknown, the harsh reality is that it will be around for many years to come. To combat this problem, local systems integrator BT-SA has introduced a solution that will help minimise the effect of power outages on households and businesses.
BT-QUBE is a total backup power solution that comprises a range of globally recognised technologies including Tripp Lite’s PowerVerter APS DC-to-AC Inverter/Charger. It is a reliable alternative power source for backup, mobile, emergency and remote power applications for generators and other AC power sources.
BT-SA electrical division manager Andre Viljoen says the BT-QUBE is especially designed for households, businesses and remote sites where the utility power grid is unreliable or unavailable.
BT-QUBE provides stable output voltage to protect one’s equipment and helps it perform at its peak. When the AC power source generates voltages too high or too low for safe operation, the Inverter/Charger acts as an intermediary, correcting unsafe voltage levels before AC power reaches the equipment.
Models with automatic voltage regulation are able to correct voltages without switching to battery, preserving battery backup runtime and reducing battery wear.
“When a power source is available, the BT-QUBE conditions AC power before passing it to your equipment and simultaneously charges your user-supplied batteries. Built-in battery backup, surge suppression, noise filtering and regulated output voltage protect your equipment, your data and your productivity,” he explains.
However, when an AC source is unavailable during power failures, at remote sites, while driving or when the generator is switched off, the BT-QUBE automatically switches to battery power and the equipment continues to operate without interruption. As soon as the AC source becomes available again, the BT-QUBE automatically switches back to passing AC power to one’s equipment and recharges the batteries.
“As a result of Eskom’s unreliable power supply, we were approached by a major national logistics company to provide an extended power solution. The BT-QUBE was an obvious choice to guarantee at least 8 hours of back-up power without risking any malfunctioning of sensitive equipment such as computers and electronics,” he adds.
When the BT-QUBE operates from battery power, the AC output is strictly controlled by a microprocessor to provide one’s equipment with clean, safe, reliable power at all times.
Viljoen says the runtime is determined by the number and size of user-supplied batteries connected to the Inverter/Charger. “Since battery banks are built to customer specification, runtime can be tailored to match any application.”
Unlike off the shelf ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, BT-QUBE is designed to meet customers specific requirements. The unit is compact and can be customised depending on the output required, but the size will depend on the number of batteries. It can also easily be upgraded at any stage and has an option of wheels for mobility.
Many tools, appliances and printers require brief bursts of power that exceed their continuous wattage ratings, either at startup, during use or both. The BT-QUBE temporarily provides extra output power to handle these peak surge demands without shutting down.
An advanced three-stage charger recharges batteries faster than conventional chargers, while protecting batteries against over-charge and over-discharge. A charge conservation setting preserves battery power by automatically shutting off the inverter in the absence of any power demand from connected equipment.
Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, recently appointed BT-SA as a Critical Application Partner (CAP) to expand its footprint throughout the African continent.
The Tripp Lite partnership includes providing customers with carry-in warranty repairs and support and in the case of SLAs, BT-SA does on-site support. It also includes out of warranty workshop and on-site repairs and services on Tripp Lite products.