CloudBerry Lab, a vendor of backup and management solutions for public cloud storage services, today announced the immediate availability of CloudBerry Desktop Backup Free as part of its CloudBerry Backup 4.3 release.
CloudBerry Desktop Backup Free gives individual users a simple, free solution for backing up their Windows computers to the public cloud of their choice. It’s easy to install and to use, giving consumers file-level backup with encryption, compression, consistency check, retention policies, alerting and more.
Additional new features now available as part of CloudBerry Backup 4.3 include:
* Support for VMware vCloud Air: Customers can now use CloudBerry Backup with VMware vCloud Air, a dedicated hybrid cloud service operated by VMware and build on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere.
* File level recovery for image-based backups: Image based backups are an extremely efficient way to protect data, including operating system and application data, because it takes block-level snapshots of all or selected volumes. Now, CloudBerry can retrieve individual files from these image-based backups in the cloud without having to recover the entire volume.
CloudBerry Backup provides SMBs with a reliable, powerful and affordable solution to back up and recover data using the cloud. In addition to offering real-time and/or scheduled regular backups for simple data, local disk image, or bare metal restore, the solution employs block level backup for maximum efficiency.